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08 Testing, testing, testing

When you have completed the web page and email texts, you must test all the steps as if you were the participant
How can you preview?
You will see a preview of the website under 'Event Dashboard -> Websites' and a preview of the emails under 'Event Dashboard -> Emails -> Create Email Delivery'. This preview is intended for quick check, but you have to test all steps yourself, so you can get the full view. To do so, simply click on 'Event Dashboard -> Websites -> Preview'.
Create a test participant
If you click on 'Event Dashboard -> Websites -> Preview', you will see all existing test contacts. If you have not already created one, you can simply do it here.
Alternatively, you can create a contact for testing under 'Contacts -> New' and set the 'Test Contact' flag to 'Yes'. You should choose the name so that you can filter it easily (for example, Hans Mustermann), but the email address should be one that you can easily access - your own. You then assign this event to 'Event Dashboard -> Participants -> Assign Participants -> Individual' to your event.
For public registrations, you do not need to create a test participant before. Just start by registering the test participant on the public page and follow all the steps.
Register as a participant
If you click on 'Event Dashboard -> Website -> Preview' and then click on the '+' behind your existing test contact or a new one you will automatically be registered as this test contact.
Alternatively, you can register as a participant by clicking on the 'Questions open' or 'Questions answered' link and then clicking on its login link. Here you see everything as if you were a participant.
Test end-to-end
Test all steps of registration as a participant. The best way to test the event website is to send an invitation to the test participant (see Send invitations) and then click on the registration button in the invitation. Then look at all the tabs, click on all links and finally on the login button. Answer all questions, perhaps leave the mandatory fields at the first time to see the reaction of the system. Verify that you have received a commitment or cancellation email and that they look as they had planned.
Then check that they can see the response as an administrator under Event Dashboard and let yve give you a detail report and summary under 'Event Dashboard -> Reports'.
Test your improvements
It is very likely that you noticed things when you were testing them, which they would like to have differently. Make the changes and start a new test. You will go through this loop several times, which is normal. It is important that you have tested all the changes.
Go live!
If you have tested all the emails and the website, answered the questionnaire and everything looks as they want, you are ready to send the invitations.
Tips for perfect testing
  • All functions and use cases would be too expensive to test, keep to the main process of logging in and test it once
  • Look at your website and emails on a smartphone, 20-30% of the participants see your page only
  • Also send invitations to your orga team, more eyes see more
  • Show your web page to an unprepared colleague for 5 seconds and ask him what it is about. Some participants only invest so much time in their pages and should still know what to do
  • Do not force your participants to think - every step and question should be self-explanatory. Now give your colleague enough time to get around and let him say aloud what he thinks. Maybe he can give you a valuable clue.

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