Pay per event or with a monthly subscription

per event, max. 1.000 invited participants

199 EUR

per month, min. 6 months

1 active event*
3.000 invited participants**
49 EUR/month
5 active events*
10.000 invited participants**
89 EUR/month
15 active events*
25.000 invited participants**
149 EUR/month

* Active Events: all active concurrent events. You can close an event, it will then no longer be counted against the limit.
** Invited participants: all participants added over all active events who have received an invitation or have registered for themself.
All prices are excl. VAT.

Do you have more events or participants?

Please contact for our enterprise editions.

Choose the support that fits your needs

Email and hotline support (Mo-Fr 9-17 CET) is included in all editions.
yve support is for event administrators only, participant management is not included.