User manual

Getting started

Overview of the features of yve.


You can setup the event by following the to dos und the to do checklsit.
Set up a registration for an event and manage the participant limits
You can set up an own website for each event.
Develop your individual questionnaire with text fields, selection fields and checkboxes.
Entwerfen Sie HTML Emails und laden Sie Ihre Teilnehmer per Email ein.
You can import contacts into yve and assign them to events using identifiers
Manage data in yve in compliance to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
When you have completed the web page and email texts, you must test all the steps as if you were the participant
Send emails to your participants or create serial letters. Manage the workflow and create reports.
The check in can be managed by scanning QR codes with your smartphone
In an event community, participants can post and comment


You can select different access permissions for users and create user groups
Manage account-wide settings such as language, text preferences, or your yve subscription