Emails and spam filters

Emails and spam filters
We regularly check yve against spam filters, but can not guarantee that yve emails do not end up in the spam filter. The yve email templates are tested against the common email spam filters:
  • Sending throttel: yve sends emails individually and individually at a speed of about 2 emails per second. This ensures that no server gets too many emails at once.
  • SPF: Emails with the domain have a valid SPF record (for checking against the MAIL FROM and HALO domain). If you use your own from address with the MAIL FROM address of the SPF record for is already set for our servers.
  • DKIM: Emails with the domain are set so that the DKIM check is positive. If you have your own MAIL FROM domain, you must also create your own DKIM records (please contact yve support).
  • Sender ID: Emails with the domain are set so that the Sender ID Check is positive. If you have your own sender address, you must create an SPF record for in your main domain.
  • DMARC: Emails with the domain are set so that the DMARC check is positive. If you have your own sender address, you must also set up the MAIL FROM (see above). 
If you have created your own sender address, you must make the entries for SPF, DKIM, etc. yourself in your domain (see above, email sender).
We cannot, of course, foresee the content of your email, there are many traps in which they can tap. Many spam relevant terms and of course all possible obscene terms are on the spam filter lists. Every email recipient has a long-standing personal relationship with his spam filter. This remembers content very precisely, if the recipient itself identifies an email as spam.
Therefore you should test your emails yourself, see the article 'Testing, testing, testing'.
Undeliverable emails
If an email that you have specified as the recipient is undeliverable, you will automatically receive a message about it. This e-mail will then be automatically blocked to prevent the wrong email addresses from being sent. Please check the email and correct the email recipient. You can simply re-send it to a changed email address. You can get a list of all blocked contacts by setting the 'Bounced' filter on Contacts. In the detail participant report, the status is displayed in the column 'Email Status'.
If you believe that the reason for the bounce of an email has been resolved, you can unblock the email in the contact details of the participant with 'unblock email'.
Important: Receiving email servers detect spammers by how many undeliverable e-mails a sender has generated in a given time period. If this number exceeds a threshold, the sender will be blacklisted and all e-mails from this sender will no longer be accepted, even if they are valid addresses.
To prevent this from happening for yve as a sender, yve will automatically cancel an email as soon as a certain threshold of undeliverable emails is exceeded.
Please keep your emails so that the rate of undeliverable emails does not exceed 5% and the rate of the complaints is not 0.1%. If this value is exceeded repeatedly, your account can be blocked.
There are services that verify email addresses for you without causing reputational damage (for example, There you can upload your email addresses and verify them for a small fee.
If you have set up your own email gateway, yve will not receive any bounces and therefore cannot block any emails. If you have set up your own MAIL FROM, emails that were first accepted by the receiving email server and then later reported as a bounce to the MAIL FROM address cannot be recognized by yve as a bounce and are therefore not blocked.