User manual details

13 Manage your yve account

Manage account-wide settings such as language, text preferences, or your yve subscription
Account Settings
You can access the account settings via 'Account'. Only administrators can see this area. You can make the following settings:
  • Account data: here you can change the name of your account (displayed as a tab name in the browser). Caution: when you change the domain of your account, all invitations that you currently have active will no longer lead to the correct page. Do not change this option if possible. Please ensure that you comply with trademark restrictions, as your domain name is already protected by trademark rights in the URL. The account administrator is responsible for this.
  • Subscription: here you can change your yve subscription. Upgrades are immediately effective, downgrades only after the current period has elapsed.
  • Invoice address: this is the address for your yve invoice
  • Account Settings:
    • VAT: Default value for VAT, can be changed per cost point
    • Language: Default for the language, can be changed by the setting 'Language' in the navigation individually or for contacts as a language
    • Currency: Caution: the currency is a pure name, yve does not convert prices.
    • Daily emails: sent based on your open tasks
    • Default view: you can choose whether they want to see only field for participant management or all yve functions (inlcuding buget and tasks).
  • PDF Layout: Header and footer for documents created by yve
  • Text defaults: Defaults for documents which can then be adapted in the individual event
  • Welcome text: Text next to the login form for participants
  • Web Logo / Favicon: the logo in the navigation of the event website and your favicon.
  • Colors for participant profile: Here you can set the colors for the subscriber profile
  • Custom fields contacts: Here you can change the name of the 6 self-defined fields for contacts

Deleting an account
As an account administrator, you can delete all your account data using 'delete'. We only keep data to manage your contract. Your yve subscription is automatically terminated after account deletion after expiry of the current period. Caution: this step can not be undone, your data will be lost forever.
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