Introduction to yve

What is yve?
Yve is a tool for managing events and participants. With yve, you can create a web page for an event that allows participants to register and log in. Optionally, you can also manage tasks, budgets, and schedules for events.
Requirements for yve
To use yve, you need to have your own yve account. Just contact us at to get a free trial account. You just need a browser with internet access. Since yve runs on our servers, you can just get started right away. Yve can be used from the PC, tablet or even on the smartphone, no software or app has to be installed.
Sign in to your account
You can access your account via 'Login' on the website. Simply enter your account name, then you will be redirected to the login page of your account. Alternatively, you can go directly to where you enter, where xxx must be replaced by your account name.
Overview Navigation through functions
On the Navigatons bar you can go directly to the most important functions:
  • Events you have created and for which you want to manage participants
  • Contacts that belong to your event. These are participants, but also suppliers or venues
  • User manual explained all yve features
  • EN/DE switches between languages
  • Account allows you to set basic settings such as language and text templates
  • Users are all users of your account who manage the event and participants
  • Logout logs you out.

Create new event
You can create a new event by clicking on 'Events-> New'. Enter the name and start / end date of the event, all other fields are optional and can be filled later. With 'Ok', the event is created and you are automatically directed to the detail view of this event.
Create new contact
You can create a new contact via 'Contacts-> New'. Yve knows over 50 attributes that can have a contact, but you only need to specify the family name, all other fields are optional. For participants, you would usually need first name, surname, and email.
Tips for the perfect event
All articles have a 'Tips' section in the Best Practices for each topic area. These tips go beyond the use of yve and will help you manage events better.