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04 Designing the survey

Develop your individual questionnaire with text fields, selection fields and checkboxes.
How to get to the survey
You can reach the questions of the questionnaire via 'Event Dashboard -> Websites -> Survey'. Here you see a preview of the survey and can add new questions with 'Edit survey'. The questionnaire starts with the question of participation. If you add more questions, you can drag & drop them up with the cursor or delete them with the 'x'.
Add questions
You have the following options to expand your survey:
  • Contact Data    
    • You can select which contact data of the participants are displayed and, if necessary, if it can be changed, including defining mandatory fields. You can change the label of the contact fields. Caution:  First and surname should not be editable. You can add a delegation instead (see below)
  • Question on participation
    • Querying / not polling: You can switch the question of participation off and on. Usually, this option remains enabled. Caution: when you turn off the option, you will no longer be asked to participate, which means that all your ads and reports will show your attendees as 'Open'. This option is only useful if you do not wish to manage the attendance, e.g. to start a survey.
    • Request nomination: each participant is given the opportunity to nominate participants. For this purpose, the participant can select from a list of all contacts which have the same sales contact as himself. He can also enter new participants, these are created automatically as a contact. The nominated participants are automatically assigned the same sales contact. All nominees receive a yve-generated ID, which you can select later. You can view the list of all nominated participants via the report 'Participant Report -> Nominations'. Nominees will not be automatically invited to the nomination event, if you wish, you would need to create a second event and invite all nominees. Caution: please do not confuse the nomination with the possibility of bringing along a companion (this is set at 'Registration').
    • Delegation: if a participant answers with 'no', he can instead name another person by name and email, which is invited instead of him. yve will automatically send the email 'Delegate invitation' if this option is enabled.
  • Self defined question
    • Text field (one line): a simple text field, use this option if the answer is only 1-2 words long.
    • Text area (three lines, expandable): a text area, use this option for longer responses and sentences (e.g., 'have a message for us' ...)
    • Number field (integer): the answer must be an integer.
    • Date: the answer must be a date selected with the calendar. For birthdays, you should select display type 'Choose year first'.
    • Time: the answer must be a time in the format HH: MM.
    • Select field (radio button): inserts a predefined selection. You can add as many options as you like.
    • Checkbox: inserts a field in which you can set a checkmark for 'yes'
    • Image: inserts a question to upload an image. The image is automatically displayed with 'Survey Resuls' and can be downloaded in the participant report via a hyperlink.
    • File: inserts a question to upload a file. The file is automatically displayed with 'Survey Resuls' and can be downloaded in the participant report via a hyperlink.
    • Text area without question: you can insert a text with images
Caution: Please do not ask for any credit card information, such information should not be stored in yve, as this requires a special certification to PCI. Please do not ask for particularly protected information according to Art. 35 GDPR, eg. systematic and comprehensive assessment of personal aspects of natural persons, data showing racial and ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or ideological beliefs or trade union affiliation, as well as data from official documents such as passport, genetic data, biometric data for the unambiguous identification of a natural person, health or sex life data, or the sexual orientation of a natural person or data on systematic extensive monitoring of public accessible areas.
Edit questions
Each question has, of course, its own question-text, which can be given in German and / or English. The description is displayed below the question and is for explanation (can be omitted). The title is used to define the column name for the evaluation. Caution: If you change a question, this question is also changed for existing answers. When you delete a question, all answers to that question are deleted.
Each question can have a given total limit. If this is reached, you receive a warning e-mail so that you can take action if necessary. As soon as the first participant exceeds the quota, the participant will be informed that the selection is no longer possible. You will also receive an email with the participant data.
The default value for the answer is given as an answer the first time the questionnaire is opened. This can be changed by the participant. This is useful if they know that most of the participants will choose an answer.
If the registration is answered with 'no', all questions are automatically hidden and the answers are deleted. If, instead, you want to display the question in the case of 'no', you can display the question with 'Display question if participant declined'.
You can specify for each question that the question is only visible to a particular contact label. When you select a label, the question is only displayed for contacts with this label.
Special features for selection questions (radio button / dropdown)
If you have questions (radio button / dropdown), you can add the options for the selection with 'Add option'. The orientation of the options is set (one by one or side by side or dropdown), and you can specify a quota for each option. You can display the number that is still available with 'Show availbale (if limit is set)'. Caution: If you change the text for options after participants have already answered, their answer will be changed. If you delete options, the responses from participants who selected this option are also deleted.
Answer questions as an administrator
As an event administrator, you can answer the questionnaire for each participant by clicking on 'Event Dashboard -> Participants -> Questionnaire open / answered'. If you make changes there, no confirmation email will be sent. If you would like a confirmation email, simply click on the participant's login link and answer the questionnaire on the event website.
If a participant changes his answer from 'Yes' to 'No', 'Event Dashboard -> Participants' will automatically show that this participant has canceled their participation. In the detailed report you can also see in the column 'Canceled at', when this happened.
Tips for the perfect questionnaire
  • Economize with mandatory fields, each mandatory field can be a reason why a participant does not like.
  • A good example of a meaningful maandaatory field is compliance questions or the confirmation of the terms
  • Radio buttons are machine readable and unambiguous (e.g., workshops, travel), use them as often as they can
  • Radio buttons can no longer be deselected once a selection has been made, but only a different selection can be selected. Therefore, if necessary, add an option to deselect (e.g., 'no workshop')
  • Do not turn off the query to participate, unless they are doing a survey and do not need participant management.
  • Avoid changes to the questionnaire as soon as the invitations have been sent and the first participants have answered. Yve always shows the current questions and options, not the historical values.
  • Add a text area as a comment field in which the participant can get rid of everything that the questionnaire did not cover
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