Permissions and roles

Permissions in yve
Yve strictly separates between the following person types:
  • Users: organize the events, set the event, and manage the participant process
  • Contacts: can be assigned as participants to an event

For security reasons, these two types can not access the contents of the other person. For this reason, you must first create a test contact themselves in order to test an event as a participant.
The login masks are also different (replace your account name with your account name):
  • Users: log in via
  • Contacts: log in via
User roles in yve
For the yve users there are additionally the following roles:
  • Account Administrator: there is only one per account, is allocated by yve support. Is responsible for all content, has all rights, including deleting teh account.
  • Administrator: can create users, create / modify / delete events, create reports
  • Manager: can create / modify / delete events, create reports
  • User: create / edit events, not delete
  • Editor: create / change events, not delete, cannot send emails
  • Check in: Has access only to the check in area, not to the event or contacts area
Create user
You can create up to 100 users in yve for your account. To do this, click on 'User -> new' enter the personal data and enter an abbreviation and the password. For users, the login is performed via the email, so each user must have a valid email, which is unique in your account.