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09 Send invitations to participants and manage workflows

Send emails to your participants or create serial letters. Manage the workflow and create reports.
Communication by email or letter
You can send your participants by email or create a letter, which they can then print out themselves, put in envelopes and send them by mail. We have described the texts and the design for this in the article 'Sending Email Texts and Texts for Letters'.
Create email
To create an email, click on 'Event Dashboard -> Emails -> Create Email Caampaign'. Enter a title for the campaign as an internal label (e.g., 'First Wave Invitations') and select the email type.
Mail recipient
Now you see the preview for the email with all sender information, etc. At the bottom you see the selected recipient. To add recipients, click on 'Add Recipients' and select one of the following filters:
  • All: all participants of the event
  • Email status (no, save the date, invitation, reminder, final thank you): Participants who have a specific email status (for example, if they want to send an invitation to everyone who has already received a save the date)
  • Participation status (not answered, announced, canceled): Participants with a specific response (for example, if they want to send a reminder to all who have not yet replied)
  • Identifier: select individual participants who have a specific identifier
  • Individual: select a participant

You can also delete individual participants from the recipient list with 'x'. You can also apply several filters one after the other, all filters add the participants with the appropriate conditions, the filters are not applied simultaneously.
Send email
Once you have assigned all recipients, you can send them by sending them. You will be asked again if the total number is correct, afterwards the campaaign will be carried out in the background. Yve sends individual emails with a speed of approx. 2 emails per second. That means that a campaign to 1000 participants can take 8-10 minutes.
Send letters and print nameplates
The process for letters runs just as much as for emails. You can see the preview for the serial letter or name tag with a 'Create print' and assign the recipients the same way as for emails. If you click on 'Print as pdf' yve creates a pdf document containing a letter for each selected participant. This document will be sent to you as a user by e-mail, then you need to print it out and send it by post.
Email and letter log
You can see all your emails and letters under 'Event Dashboard -> Emails'. Click on the number to see the list of participants. As long as they have not sent a shipment yet, they can edit it (click on name) or delete it.
The communication workflow
Once you have sent an email or letter to a participant, yve automatically changes the email or print status for him or her with the corresponding email or print type. You can see in the overview under 'Event Dashboard -> Emails', how many participants are in the respective status. Yve always only keeps track of the email or print type of the last shipment, where the participant was present.
You will have latecomers for your event. These can easily be selected via filters, since they still have the status 'No Email'. In this way, the participants are continuously integrated into the workflow from above and can be processed step by step.

Create reports about participants
You can create various preedefined reports with yve via 'participant reports' or define your custom report:
  • Predefined reports
    • Short report: only includes participants with the most important contact data and the answers of the questions. Ideal for the orga team on site or for hotel bookings.
    • Detailed report: contains all relevant participant data and all answers to the questions. Format is xls, each participant is one line. Ideal for evaluating your event as all data are included. Rows with changes since one day before the query are highlighted in yellow. The login URL, login name, and the machine-generated password are also included, so that you can use this data to create email messages with your own email tool or to print a print containing this data.
    • Accepted participant list: creates a pdf document with all accepted participants (name, first name, company).
    • Accepted participant list with pictures: creates a pdf document with all accepted participants (name, first name, company) and the profile picture.
    • Signature list for participants: creates a pdf document of the participants with the most important contact data and a field for the signature. Ideal for events where the participants have to confirm their participation by signing it (for example, for training). The header of the report can be edited via 'Event Dashboard -> Printing -> Signature List Header'.
    • Summary graph: Each question that can be evaluated (radio button, checkbox and number field) is added together by yve and listed according to the available options and displayed graphically with a bar graph. Format is pdf. Ideal for a visually appealing evaluation.
    • Summary text: Each question that can be evaluated (radio button, checkbox and number field) is added together by yve and listed according to the available options. Format is pdf. Ideal to get a quick overview.
    • Summary with names: Like the summary text, only the participants who have chosen this option are listed for each option. Format is pdf. Ideal for workshop participant lists.
  • Custom reports
    • You can create your own report via 'Create / Change / Delete Reports'. Select the fields you want and set the order.
In addition, they can also create an Ecxel report under 'Contacts -> Reports', which lists all your contacts with their events. The report will use all the filters you have set with 'Contacts -> Filters'.

Tips for perfect subscriber communication
  • Send a save-the date 2-3 months before event
  • Send the invitation 2-4 weeks before the event
  • Send 1-2 reminders to open subscribers
  • Send the final details to all the attendees with the answers of the questionnaire one day before the event
  • A thank you email after the event helps for customer binding to the participants
  • You can also use your own email campaigning tool, the participant report contains all the necessary data.
  • If they have participants without email addresses, they can still send a letter if they have the postal address. An invitation by letter should have a QR code and / or the yve login (Merge tag 'yve login')
  • If you want to send a high-quality printed invitation, you can check with your printer whether or not they can print the individual QR codes and logins to the invitation. The printing company needs precisely the data that they receive from the participant report.
  • It is easier to produce a high-quality print without individual data and to simply attach the individual data to a cover letter from the series letter.

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